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Lilac Mum & Daughter Tops

Lilac Mum & Daughter Tops

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These mum and me tops are made from soft cotton floral fabric. These tops make a great addition to your comfie #twinning wardrobe! 

Fabric from Thailand; Handmade in the Philippines. 

Available sizes:

Please refer to the size guideline below to find the right fit for you & your daughter. 

Women - Medium to Large (A/B cup) 

Garment Measurements: Bustline: 39, Width: 37, Length: 18 inches


Girls- Size 7 (around ages 7-8 years)

Garment measurements: Chestline 32.5; Width 34; Length 17.5 inches


Girls-  Size 12 (around ages 12-14 years): 

Garment measurements: Chestline 34, Width 36; Length 19 inches