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Why the impressive rise in the popularity of #twinning?

‘Mummy and Me’/twinning’, whatever you call it, the idea of picking out gorgeous matching outfits for you and your little one is bang on trend right now! Down here in New Zealand, we aren’t always the first to hear about the latest ‘in thing’ or even able to get our hands on the collections that filter through our Facebook and Pinterest feeds. Luckily, twinning hasn’t passed us by! From the USA and UK, this oh-so-cute trend has wound its way down under and here at Coralene we are so excited to be a shining light in the #twinning fashion world. Hopefully, you caught our last blog post (if not, check it out here) and have been bitten by the #twinning...

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Top 5 Reasons Why #Twinning is #Winning

In the Age of the Millennial, twinning isn’t just about ‘Mummy & Me’ dressing. Sisters, brothers and even a ‘mix and match’ set of siblings can now be lead through the wonderful world of adorable matching outfits. #twinning is now firmly embedded as one of the cutest trends of the day, and it’s not hard to see why! Check out our Top 5 reasons why #twinning is #winning and you’ll be bitten by the bug in no time! 1/It’s in our DNA According to Lanvin, ‘everything starts in 1889’* Well, for us, it more specifically starts in 1897 with the birth of Lanvin’s daughter and muse, Marguerite, and the creation of one of the world’s first children’s fashion departments. Until...

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