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Why the impressive rise in the popularity of #twinning?

‘Mummy and Me’/twinning’, whatever you call it, the idea of picking out gorgeous matching outfits for you and your little one is bang on trend right now! Down here in New Zealand, we aren’t always the first to hear about the latest ‘in thing’ or even able to get our hands on the collections that filter through our Facebook and Pinterest feeds.

Luckily, twinning hasn’t passed us by!

From the USA and UK, this oh-so-cute trend has wound its way down under and here at Coralene we are so excited to be a shining light in the #twinning fashion world. Hopefully, you caught our last blog post (if not, check it out here) and have been bitten by the #twinning bug too.

Now you know all the reasons to get your #twinning on, this month we’ve been looking at how this adorable habit has become a hugely popular mainstream choice.

1/Social Media

While the idea of ‘Mummy & Me’ dressing certainly isn’t a new one, Social Media has played an important role in spreading the word. Pinterest is a great way to find inspiration if you’re new to twinning and it’s a ‘must use’ tool for anyone finding their twinning style. This platform has been so instrumental in propelling this trend to the top because it offers a mix of real-life and industry-led examples. Instagram has been effective in the same way. Scrolling through beautifully curated feeds from a range of sources has given families like mine and yours the confidence to give twinning a try.


The influence of celebrity upon the rise of ‘Mummy & Me’ dressing is undeniable! With stars such as Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Katie Holmes all showcasing how to pull the look off with style, how could we not want to check it out for ourselves?

Beyonce Twinning with daughter

             Source: Instagram

We all follow people that we identify with or see in them something we aspire to share. The key to the celebrity effect on the popularity of twinning is in no small way because of his very fact. The celebrity shows us the way! No, we can’t all afford the price tags swinging in the wardrobes of the rich and famous! However, their pieces guide us to our style and let the fashion conscious among us know we are hunting down the right trends.


Thankfully, we don’t all need a Beckham worthy bank account to throw ourselves into ‘Mummy and Me’ dressing. Increasingly, we can piece together a stunning selection of outfits from High Street and Boutique stores. Even better, the rise in #shoppingsmall has opened the door for passionate small business owners and designers (like ourselves) to launch their own range of twinning lines.

With the plethora of choice available to newbie and old-timers twinners, there’s bound to be something that takes your eye wherever you choose to shop. The move taken by designers from across the fashion world to include matching outfits for mums, daughters, sons, siblings and even dads has been vital in the uptake of twin dressing. Better range equals better personality match and #twinning is heavily intertwined with personality; expressing it, supporting it and treasuring it, in you and your loved ones.


The things we’ve discussed so far are all superb reasons to get into the world of twinning and are all accountable for its rise across the world. However, what has cemented #twinning in the hearts and minds of designers and shoppers alike, is the psychological and emotional response felt throughout the #twinning process.

From the evocative memories felt while pieces are designed, to the Brand backstories and motivation and then beyond into the experience of the shoppers, you can’t escape that feeling of bonding between families. Increasingly, Dads are encouraged into this world because of the ties it helps to bind between them and their child. This is especially true during times of celebration or, indeed as psychologists have remarked, during times of anxiety and stress.

Our lives are full of tension these days and #twinning is helping us win the battle for the side of the family!

So yes, the idea of #twinning may be new to you. On the other hand, you could be one of the clever ones who saw the adorable factor early on. Rest assured though, #twinning is here to stay and you’ve plenty of time to be part of the global sensation!

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 Written by Abi Copley of Scribed by Abi

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