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We Wear Memories

Some clothes are special keepsakes that we associate with an event, place, or person in our life -- in fact, just looking in our closets can trigger a flashback.

We’d love to see photos of clothing that holds a special memory for you. Be it your wedding dress, your first newborn’s clothes, or a dress that’s been handed down in your family for generations. Please share your photos and stories, ideally in 3-5 sentences, and we’ll post an online gallery together of our favourites (You’ll receive a small gift from us too!)

To give you some inspiration, some of our #Coralene mums have shared with us photos of clothes that brings about special memories for them.

Share your story with us & get a chance to win a Marigold Set. 

Here's how:

-Comment on this post on our FB page

-Post it on Insta & use the hashtag #wewearmemories

-Email it to us at

-For extra entries: Comment below what pieces of clothing have you kept for years because of its sentimental value AND share this blog post on Facebook (please make the post 'public' so we can check. 

We'll put up an online gallery and announce the winner by the end of January. 


  • Astrid

    I’ve kept my daughter’s first baby romper as it reminds me of how little and cute she was as a newborn baby. I will probably pass it on to my second baby in the near future.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve kept my wedding dress for more than a decade now. I don’t know why but I find it really hard to let go of it though it takes lots of storage space. It must be all the memories of our beautiful wedding.

  • Suzannah Newton

    I still have a tshirt I handpainted and hand tie-dyed to wear to my very first concert. I did a rather terrible portrait of Peter Andre on a very highlighter pink and yellow tie dye base so he looked even more bizarre but I thought it was the coolest thing ever and like a real grown up with my concert tee. Even though its garish and fairly awful, every time I pick it up it brings back such fun memories and the dance feeling of being young and carefree and feeling like a rock star.

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