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Top 5 Reasons Why #Twinning is #Winning

In the Age of the Millennial, twinning isn’t just about ‘Mummy & Me’ dressing. Sisters, brothers and even a ‘mix and match’ set of siblings can now be lead through the wonderful world of adorable matching outfits.

mom and daughter matching outfits

#twinning is now firmly embedded as one of the cutest trends of the day, and it’s not hard to see why!

Check out our Top 5 reasons why #twinning is #winning and you’ll be bitten by the bug in no time!

1/It’s in our DNA

According to Lanvin, ‘everything starts in 1889’* Well, for us, it more specifically starts in 1897 with the birth of Lanvin’s daughter and muse, Marguerite, and the creation of one of the world’s first children’s fashion departments. Until this point, children’s clothing was usually handcrafted at home but Lanvin’s range offered a revelation in fashion. By 1909, the Young Ladies’ and Women’s department buzzed with the excitable sounds of mothers and daughters choosing their outfits together.

mother and daughter matching clothes

From those early days at Lanvin, twinning fashion has gone from strength to strength, and just as with all things, the trend towards hand-crafted items cycled back around. The idea of matching your children’s outfits became so mainstream that everyone wanted the chance to try it out.

mother daughter matching clothes history


mommy and me fashion history

Although Lanvin could be credited with propelling the concept into the consumer market, there is a rich history of twinning woven through all our pasts. Art throughout the centuries depicts siblings wearing identical, or incredibly similar, outfits. I’m sure most of us have that embarrassing photo hidden deep at the bottom of the drawer. The one where you and your siblings have been coaxed
and bribed into the same puffy sleeved dress or corduroy dungarees.

mother and daughter matching clothes

Luckily for the kids of today, fashion has come a long way and we are now surrounded by a gorgeous array of twinning choices. Whether you are an old hand or a shiny newbie, you won’t struggle to find your famiy’s twinning style; so dive right in and why not start right here at Coralene!


Style...hard to find, and even harder to express without first defining your identity. Growing up, we all go through the process of trying out a whole heap of choices before really getting to grips with what truly sits right with how we want to be seen.

mother daughter matching dresses

Twinning is the perfect start to this journey and, the best thing, it can all be explored gently together. Raising a child is a lot about modeling. No, I don’t mean perfecting the ‘Blue Steel’ look! I mean showing your children how to work things out; verbalising or demonstrating something new.They learn so much by watching us. Developing their identity is supported in just the same way.

mother daughter matching clothes

The beauty of modern twinning is that it can involve so much more than just handing your little ones matching outfits to wear. Encouraging each other to be adventurous and select a new look, exploring what patterns and colours work well together and experimenting with customising pieces can all be part of the twinning experience. It’s all part of helping your children discover their identity.

You might find that, as they grow, their style becomes different from yours. Maybe it even starts out that way. This is especially true with those boy and girl mixes! Don’t panic! That doesn’t mean that twinning won’t work for you. That means you’ve done a great job in helping them find their voices...go you! The fun part for you now is to explore together how you can reflect both their tastes in one amazing outfit.

From scrolling Pinterest for inspiration, flicking through the newest magazine for your next trend influenced outfit or wish-listing everything from the latest drop on your favourite clothing site, twinning is full of fun!

If your little twin partners are too small to appreciate these less hands-on elements, the excitement on their faces when the next parcel arrives or when you venture out on that special shopping trip is sure to give you all the warm, happy feels.

There are those moments in parenting when it’s way less than lovely (yes, bedtime...I’m talking about you!). There are those times when we get stuck in the routine of what we ‘have’ to do, trapped in a negative cycle and forgetting that being a mum can actually be the best thing.

mother daughter matching outfits

Twinning isn’t just about the clothes you all wear. It’s about rediscovering your sense of child-like joy, refocusing on the people behind the rules and routines and replensihing the ‘mum-fuel tank’ with fun!

4/Family Traditions and Memories

Creating your own traditions is an important milestone for any family. From these rituals, beautiful and long-lasting memories are made. Choosing to incorportate twinning during these special times in our lives and family calenders is a time-honored way to establish that family bond.

It’s more than usual that at certain events, people show their solidarity and dedication to each other through their clothing. Bridesmaids and Page-Boys are the obvious collectives, but even sports supporters band together in their twinned outfits. In this way, the outfit choices you make are powerful outward sign that you are a package; a united front, bound by love and loyalty.

Christmas is another great example where twinning can be used to draw your loved ones together. Matching PJs, that special Christmas Day outfit or the traditional Christmas jumper are lovely ways to start your twinning adventure.

The excitment and anticipation of any treasured family moment is enhanced when you throw an additional special element into the mix. Looking forward to a much loved yearly shoping trip, visiting a special store and all the planning that goes into it all become bound in the memory.

There is one inevitable outcome of twinning and, in my opinion, it’s the best reason to do anything as a parent.

You get to bond and so do your kids!

If you really delve deep into all that twinning has to offer, from all that rich history, through discovering of identity, memory making, and fun, you gave yourselves precious moments to really get to know each other.

Away from toys, school, work, mindless technology, and other life-distractions you truly spent time together; quality time. You will have strengthened the proverbial ties that bind you, and your relationships will be all the better off for it.

So there you have it…

#twinning is #winning!

mother and daughter matching dresses

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Happy twinning!

 Written by Abi Copley of Scribed by Abi



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