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Fun and Easy to Prepare Christmas Activities with your Kids

Christmas is one of my favorite time of the year. Though undeniably, it's very busy and sometimes even stressful especially for mums who have to juggle their daily house chores together with Christmas gift shopping and food preparations. 

As Christmas gets closer and closer, how prepared are you? If you're like me, you'd be well into the Christmas rush, sorting out last minute gifts for the family :) This is probably the busiest time so hang in there! 

And on the BIG DAY...

Christmas mornings are always lots of fun. You get to open presents and see your family adore the gifts that you got from them. But there's always the same question after all the fun--now what do we do? 

If your family struggles with the same question on Christmas day--here are some ideas that will make your Christmas morning with your little ones more exciting and memorable. I've personally tried lots of Christmas party activities and games in my years of teaching young kids, and I find that the following are the top favorites of my students. I'm sure your kids will enjoy them too! 

1. Pin the nose on Rudolph 

This is one is super easy. Print this template from Party Printables, ideally in A2 or A1 size paper. It's a great Christmas morning (friendly) competition for young children. They love the challenge and the silliness of it!

2. Christmas Bingo 

Who doesn't love a good old Bingo game? Make it more festive for the kids by printing this Christmas themed bingo cards from Fun Square . It's perfect for kids who are in their early years of school. Make sure you print the pictures on the last page as well to make it easier for your kids to identify them. 

3. Christmas Coloring 


If you'd like some peace and quiet while you prepare Christmas lunch. Have the kids color these Christmas printables. We all know leaving them with crayons could be a disaster sometimes :) So make sure someone keeps an eye on them from time to time OR put an old blanket on the floor and tell them to color lying down on the floor. Play some Christmas songs on Youtube to have that festive (but relaxed) atmosphere!

4. Make ice-cream at home

This is probably the top favorite Christmas activity of my students. It's perfect for older kids but could possibly be done with the younger ones too. You'll only need fresh milk, ice, vanilla, salt, and Ziplock bags. It's easy and really entertaining. Kids love the idea that they actually can make their favorite dessert at home. Follow the instructions here. Add more creative fun to it by using some colorful sprinkles, etc. 

5. Play dress up in matching outfits

When we were growing up, our mum would dress me and my sister up in matching clothes every Christmas day. It was a family tradition that my mum took seriously :) Now that we're all grown up, we've realized that our childhood Christmas photos were more special because we were wearing coordinated outfits.  

So why don't you give this family tradition a try this Christmas? Your kids will be excited to be matching with their sibling(s), and they'll appreciate it even more when they see the photos after so many years, 'coz it does create a special memory. 

Happy holidays once again from our family to yours. Share with us how you spent your Christmas day with your family. Tag your pictures #wewearmemories to share with us what memories you and your kids have created in your Christmas outfits! 

-Jesy Griffin of Coralene 

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