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Beautiful Ways to Celebrate our Memorable Pieces of Clothing

At the start of this year, we talked about Marie Kondo and how her tidying up philosophy has taken the world by storm. We're sure many of you have purged your closets and gotten rid of clothes that no longer spark joy. During this massive project, you might have faced a dilemma about what to do with memorable pieces of clothing that still spark joy but at the same time take a lot of closet space. 

Some pieces of clothing, such as your baby's first onesie, your wedding dress, etc. are so precious for many of us, so we might feel uncomfortable just giving them away to opp shops. Luckily, there are a few small businesses and charities out there who can help us upcycle our memorable outfits in a meaningful way. 

1. Upcyle your Memorable Pieces of Clothing to Memory Quilts

Have you heard of memory quilts? They're the most special way of 'turning memory-laden clothing' to eye-catching decors that also have a practical use. We're totally crushing over the work of Sarah of Memory Quilts New Zealand. Her craftsmanship and passion is just amazing; she has helped many Kiwi families cherish memories and people they love by upcyling pieces of clothing and transforming them into stunning quilts, stuffed toys, and holiday ornaments. 


Check out her creations on The Hive:  Memory Quilts NZ and follow her on Facebook to see more of how she's turning baby clothes and other pieces of clothing to functional decors and toys. 


2. Transform your wedding dress into 'angel gowns' 

Your wedding dress is probably one of the most sentimental piece of clothing that you'll ever own. Lots of time and money have gone into it, and you don't have to be a compulsive hoarder to find it almost impossible to part ways with your wedding dress. But the thing is, for something that we'd never wear again, it does take up a lot of closet space. So what do we do? 

We think a great way is to give a new meaning to our wedding dresses and doing an act of love by donating them to charities that organize 'angel dresses'.

Image from Facebook/J.B.

These are outfits worn by deceased babies and are usually gifted to hospitals, funeral homes, and grieving families. This way our beautiful (and pricey!) dresses is able to provide some comfort and solace to those who have lost a child. 

Image from NICU Helping Hands

There's a number of organizations that currently accepts dress donations (or have a waiting list for future donations). Some of them also need volunteers, i.e. seamstresses for the angel gowns.  Here's a few organizations that you might want to help out: Precious Angel Gowns , NICU Helping Hand's Angel Gown Program, and Angel Gowns NZ


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